March 16, 2017 (Thursday)

The Message of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, conveyed on the Hill of Apparition:


My dear children, My pilgrims, thank you for pilgrimage to this holy place where you will receive great mercies. My children, you have heard Mila's song inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is about how people used to live and fast during Lent. Today all of you have become greedy to have a full table. You do not think of the poor. Therefore now read the Gospel according to Luke 16, 19-31. My children, do not let your riches take you to Hell that nobody can take you from.

My children, those of you who pray, pray also for them to convert so that I will not lose them. I do not look at the colour of the skin or nationality. You are all Children of God – God's creatures.

My children, all who suffer (the barefoot, naked, starving and crippled) will go to Heaven.

Children, I have shown to Živka the unborn babies. I showed them to her because it is Lent. Oh, how mothers and fathers kill their children under the influence of fathers. Children, these unborn babies are angels here. All their limbs are complete and the Father of Heaven has breathed in them his Spirit so that they can live.

My children, pray for love and peace here in your world.

Say one Golden Rosary for My intention.

I bless you all and all the things you have brought to be blessed. Take My blessing to your families.

Pray, pray, pray!