May 17, 2017 (Tuesday)

The Message of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, conveyed on the Hill of Apparition:


My dear children, My pilgrims, thank you for pilgrimage to this Shrine. I have awaited all of you with my heart open.

My children, I know how you feel regarding the news about Medjugorje. But I ask you not to judge your shepherds. My children, they are all people made in God's image. Your duty is to pray for them, not to condem them. Heavenly Father knows what will happen like he has always known and like he has seen how much paganism there is in the world. That is why he sent his Son to redeem you.

My children, pray for PEACE and LOVE in the world. Now Rita is here with us together with Anton and Marija. They are praying for you to hold out this Way of the Cross. I ask you to endure no matter what the whip is. You are strong, you will hold out.

Please greet Adelka who is is leading the pilgrimage not only here but to all shrines of Mine. Her angels are praying for her to hold out.

Now say one Golden Rosary for My intention.

I bless you all and all the things you have brought to be blessed. Take My blessing to your families.

Pray, pray, pray!

Note: Rita was a chosen member of the Community of Prayer of the Queen of Love in Mali Lošinj since its beginning. She passed away on May 5, 2017.

Adelka is a pilgrim from Austria who leads pilgrimage of Austrian pilgrims. She is here today with a group which includes two priests. Her son and daughter passed to eternity in the flower of their youth.