July 15, 2017 (Saturday)

The Message of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, conveyed on the Hill of Apparition:


My dear children, thank you for pilgrimage to this Shrine where you receive great mercies.

My children, I am now healing you in body and spirit. However, you must believe in being healed.

While I was healing one of the pilgrims was saying, “As if I will be healed indeed.” My child, I and Jesus both tell you: faith will save you. If you do not believe, you will not be healed.

My children, war is survived but everything disappears from God's punishment even if you say that God does not punish. It is true that God will not punish those who have pure and humble hearts.

My children, the Earth is being purified. It is five to twelve. Pray for the survival of the world. Pray for the purity of the world. Pray for conversion.

Say one Golden Rosary for My intention.

I bless you all and all the things you have brought to be blessed. Take My blessing to your families.

Pray, pray, pray!