March 16, 2023 (Thursday)

The Message of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, conveyed on the Hill of Apparition:


My dear children, thank you for pilgrimage to this Shrine where you receive great mercies.

My children, if you knew how much I love you, you would shout with joy even though some carry big and heavy crosses. My children, was Jesus’ cross not heavy? You have not yet fallen to the ground under your crosses. Every cross is heavy and each cross is different. Ask Jesus to help you. Whenever you fell helpless, call to Jesus and me and I will take you to Jesus.

My children, great storms are coming: floods and torrents. Many are suffocating in the mud. Say a NOVENA for this intention - that they are mitigated. Children, these storms do not need to happen here but anywhere in the world.

Say one Golden Rosary for My intention at any time.

I bless you all and all the things you have brought to be blessed. Take My blessing to your families.

Pray, pray, pray!