July 15, 2023 (Saturday)

The Message of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, conveyed on the Hill of Apparition:


My dear children, My pilgrims, thank you for your pilgrimage in this heat. My children, this is nothing compared to the situation in the world and it will become even worse. Hills and valleys in the world will merge. Pray that there will be no victims, that they are saved in time. Say a NOVENA for this intention.

My children, everything will become more difficult and worse for this world. I am sad that these words will go in one ear of many people and out the other. I ask those who pray at night to pray for them to wake up.

Now I bless you all and all the things you have brought to be blessed. Take My blessing to your families.

Say one Golden Rosary for My intention at any time.

Pray, pray, pray!