Our Lady, Queen of Love, has been appearing in Mali Lošinj continuously since 16th February, 1990, and she still gives Messages for the world.

Up until 6th July, 1995, Mother Mary gave Messages every day.

From 7th July, 1995 until September 14, 1997, Mother Mary gave Messages on Sundays and holy days each week, during apparition on Hill of Apparition.

From 16th September, 1997 until 4th April, 2001, Mother Mary began giving Messages each 16th day of the month during apparition on Hill of Apparition.

She also gave Messages at night between Saturdays and Sundays so the Messages were read to the pilgrims who came on Sundays.

From 16th April, 2001 and onwards, Mother Mary has been giving Messages only each 16.th day of the month during apparition on Hill of Apparition.


The Golden Rosary of Queen of Love

Make the Sign of the Cross:
In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Invocation: Sweet heart of Jesus let me love You more and more.
Opening Prayer: Eternal Father, I offer You the most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in atonement for all my sins and for the needs of the Holy Church.

I. Decade:
Ten times: O, Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine.
Invocation: Sweet Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and our brothers who stray.
Opening Prayer: Eternal Father…

II. Decade:
Ten times: O, Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine.
Invocation: Divine Heart of Jesus, convert sinners, save the dying, and deliver the holy souls in Purgatory.
Opening Prayer: Eternal Father…

III. Decade:
Ten times: O, Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine.
Invocation: O Jesus, strengthen our faith, hope and love.
Opening Prayer: Eternal Father…

IV. Decade:
Ten times: O, Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine.
Invocation: Sweet Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the unborn children.
Opening Prayer: Eternal Father…

V. Decade:
Ten times: O, Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine.
Invocation: Sweet Heart of Jesus, heal the sick.

The Rosary ending: Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be to the Father.


‘Say your golden rosary’

In the Message given on May 29th, 1990, the Mother of God gave to Živka the Golden Rosary with altered invocations. Here's what the Mother of God says about the Golden Rosary:


Živka, take the Rosary which you have written down, the Golden Rosary, and give it to the people so that they can pray it and discuss about it. Take this Rosary to father Tardif, and deliver it also to don S. Gobi and all the priests who travel to other countries; let them distribute it among the people, and let whole world pray it. This Rosary helps me a lot in everything.


My beloved children, pray this Golden Rosary with altered invocations, which I have given to you, because it helps Me in everything. Jesus recommends to pray it. This Golden Rosary blinds the Satan, it helps the souls in purgatory, converts the unbelievers, protects the unborn children, and heals all the sick who are suffering mentally and physically.


Children, I am visiting also the sick in hospitals. Tell them to learn this Golden Rosary, which I have given to you and let them pray it with faith and they will receive mercy.


A special recommendation

In the Message given on 7th February, 1991, Our Lady especially recommended saying it daily:

  • 1 Our Lady’s Rosary
  • 1 Golden Rosary with altered invocations
  • 7 Lord’s Prayers and 7 Credos

When you pray in your home …

In one message the Queen of Love said: "When you pray in your home, light a candle."

For your respect and personal relation with the Queen of Love the following is suggested:

White cande of purity

When you pray in your home on ordinary days,
light the white candle, the candle of purity,
for your peace in your spirit after the Queen of Love.


Yellow (golden) candle of faith

When you pray in your home on feast days,
light the yellow (golden) candle, the candle of faith,
for your peace in your soul after the Queen of Love.


Red candle of love

When you pray in your home on holy days,
light the red candle, the candle of love,
(every 16th in the month – apparition),
for your peace in your heart after the Queen of Love.


Apparition in Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj

It was first mentioned by name as Little Village. In 1868, it reached the pinnacle of development. There were 11 shipyards here, so Mali Lošinj became the centre with the   strongest merchant fleet on the Adriatic – stronger even than Rijeka, Trieste and Venice.  Development stagnated with the invention of the steam engine and when a vine disease – Peronospora - appeared, the inhabitants began to emigrate. After World War II, only 2,200 inhabitants lived in Mali Lošinj. There are several churches in Mali Lošinj.

Saint Martin’s church adjacent to a cemetery.

The oldest church is Saint Martin’s adjacent to the cemetery. Saint Martin is the patron saint of Mali Lošinj.

Ancient striking building

In the upper panoramic picture of Mali Lošinj, on the left of the big building by the parish church, Alberto Batista built a house in 1600, and placed a white flower with four petals on a key-stone.

The entrance door to a house Queen of Love Prayer Community in Mali Lošinj.

The first apparitions of Our Lady

In 1982, in the parish of Mali Lošinj, a Prayer Community was established. Community praying took place each Wednesday in the parish church. A local parish priest encouraged members of the parish Prayer Community to meet every day and pray together in smaller groups. Acting on his advice, a few members of this parish Prayer Community began to meet on Friday afternoons for joint prayers at Marija Hrončić’s house in 1 Kozuliceva Street. The number of Prayer-participants in this group varied. But 5 members were always there, making up the group of parish Prayer Community members. These members were: Marija Hrončić, Živka, Slavica, Rita and Ljuba. On the feast-day of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (8th September) 1989, this small Prayer Community prayed to Our Lady of Fatima, whose statue was placed on the table in the room where they prayed. They promised that they would partake in joint Prayers every day.

They had been praying together for almost 6 months every day, when on 16th February, 1990, at the end of the prayers, the room in which they were praying became filled with a pleasant aroma, which came from the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. It was a great joy for all the members of that small Prayer Community. That same night, Our Lady appeared to Živka. She told her that she would begin to give messages. For the first few months, they were intended for the members of the small Prayer Community to raise and strengthen their spiritual consciousness.

The Prayer Community Queen of Love

In the Message given on 14th August 14, 1990, Our Lady stated: ‘I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Love and Queen of Peace. My Son, Jesus Christ, has sent me to bring you peace and love. My Son sent Me to Medjugorje as the Queen of Peace, but I was not accepted there by some priests and a bishop. I am going to appear in all parts of this country later on. I have chosen Živka now. I have appeared before her as Mother of God, Queen of Love.’

In the Message given on 1st February, 1991, Our Lady stated: ‘Živka, the entire world should know of My apparition for I am the Queen of Love. I want to teach the world how to love and forgive so that peace reigns over the entire world.’ After these Messages, this Prayer Community devoted itself to the Divine Mother, Mary - Queen of Love and named itself:  Prayer Community Queen of Love.

Apparition Hill and the Sanctuary of the Queen of Love

Malin Hill

At the entrance into Mali Losinj, on the left side of the road, there is a hill partially covered with vegetation. On that hill in 1820/21, a certain Mr. Rassol built a windmill; a mill (Croatian ‘mlin’ or locally ‘malin’) using the wind to operate and crush grain. (Thus the name of the hill is Malin Hill or simply: Malin) The owner milled grains for a while, but when he saw that his business was unprofitable, he dismantled the equipment and left the round building. What used to be a mill became a ruin, i.e. walls without a roof. The building is round and resembles a medieval fort. English cannons from ships fired and damaged it even more in World War II, thinking it was a German army barracks.

A drawing of the mill on Malin in Mali Losinj, edited in an Austrian tourist magazine in 1887. The drawing was made and signed by Havlichek.

Hill of apparition

From 10th March, 1990, Our Lady, Queen of Love, has been appearing on this hill. The Mother of God changed the name of that hill to: ‘Apparition Hill’. In the Message given on 21st August, 1990, Our Lady stated: ‘Živka, say the Golden Rosary and fast tomorrow for sinners’ conversion. Pray, especially for your people of Lošinj, so that nobody but Myself is allowed on the Hill. This is My place.’

The first site of apparition is marked with a crucifix on the left from the entrance into the mill.

In the Message given on 14th November, 1991, the Queen of Love confided: ‘Children, be aware that I was coming to Apparition Hill before I appeared to Živka. Children, oh, I cannot tell you all, but I have stopped many tragedies from this Hill.’

On 16th May, 2000, the Queen of Love promised: ‘My children, I stated that I would do a miracle on this Hill. That will happen. You should not expect it right now. But, there are those who will experience it. They will build a church.’

When the inner mill ruins were cleared and an iron door was fixed – the Queen of Love was marked with a crucifix on the wall.

Through the efforts of a local inhabitant, Ivo Antonić, a concrete crucifix was placed on 25th June, 1991 – on the right of the entrance to the sanctuary.

Our Lady has expressed the wish that a church or a chapel be built on Apparition Hill and be devoted to Her as Mother Mary, Queen of Love. After they had cleared the ruins, the Community members placed a small altar first, and closed it off with an iron door and placed a concrete crucifix. So, the building got a new name: the Sanctuary of Our Lady Mary, Queen of Love.

Saint Martin appeared at this ruined mill on 8th November, 1992. He conveyed to the seer: ‘Write this date down!’ Saint Martin died on 8th November, and his feast day is celebrated on 11th November.

Flower of the wild rose

On the blue hem of the dress, mantle and the veil of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, there are white flowers with 4 petals.

When a local artist from Mali Lošinj began preparing to make a colored portrait of Mother Mary, Queen of Love, he spent lots of time talking to the seer, because he wanted to get as much information about Our Lady’s appearance and clothes.

White flowers on the hem of the mantle, dress and veil of Queen of Love in Mali Lošinj.

Regarding the shape of the flower with 4 petals, the artist drew flowers with 4 petals in different forms on paper. He gave that paper to the seer and asked her to show those drawings to Mother Mary when she would next see Her and to ask Mother Mary to choose the form of the flower that She would like him to draw for Her.

When she saw Her again on 28th September, 1995, the seer showed the drawings to Mother Mary, and Our Lady told the eye-witness to choose the flower which was the most similar to that on Her dress and mantle. That form of flower, chosen by the seer, and according to Mother Mary’s instruction, is a white flower with 4 heart-shaped petals. During that apparition on 28th September, 1995, Mother Mary also stated that 4 petals symbolize 4 sides of the world.

Ever since then, the artist and we ourselves from the Prayer Community have been using that form of flower, i.e. a white flower with 4 heart-shaped petals, which may seem as a 4-petal clover to some. When we decided to set a roof on the Sanctuary, a professional advised us to put a flat roof with many transparent surfaces, so that the interior of the Shrine could be illuminated with enough daily light. Therefore, we made a cross-shaped construction for the roof and filled the 4 surfaces inside the crucifix with Perspex, clearly, in a heart-shaped form. That is why the roof, when observed either from inside or outside, looks like a flower with 4 heart-shaped petals.

In the Message given on 16th May, 2008, Our Lady, Queen of Love explained and warned: ‘My children, you who offend My white flower with 4 petals on the hem of my dress, mantle and veil, I say to you: it is the forest flower, the wild rose flower, and you call it a four-petal clover. You believe in magic and therefore you talk about a four-petal clover. My children, I cherish no sorcery (magic). Therefore I ask you not to commit such offences.’

After the roof was connected, we began with interior adornment of the Sanctuary. When that was finished, Mother Mary stated in a Message on 16th December, 2002, among other things, : ‘My children, all of you who work in this Sanctuary, please continue. Build the House of the Lord.’

19 years of Apparitions, pilgrimage and individual hard work of members of the Prayer Community in Mali Losinj have passed. Pictures say more than words!

Pilgrims on the Hill of Apparition on 8th August, 1993.

A temporary altar in the Sanctuary on the Hill of Apparition.

The first pilgrims climbed the Hill of Apparition along a narrow path.

Four angels welcome the pilgrims.

A picture of Queen of Love in the Prayer Community.

The Sanctuary of Queen of Love in 1996.

The Sanctuary of Queen of Love in 2002.

The Sanctuary of Queen of Love in 2007.

The interior of the Sanctuary of Queen of Love

When the interior adornment of the Sanctuary was finished, our host suggested doing an imitation of Our Lady’s mantle in relief, on the wall behind the altar. We from the Prayer Community agreed with that suggestion. The local artist made an imitation of Our Lady’s mantle in relief on the wall and colored the mantle imitation with warm, light colors so that now the mantle makes a very pleasant impression on pilgrims. When the mantle was finished, Our Lady gave a Message again, on 16th June, 2003, and, among other things, stated: ‘Children, you have made me a beautiful mantle with which I have been covering you. Thank you for your effort.’

The first prayers inside the mill.

On the wall above the altar there is a fixed sign of Our Lady, Queen of Love. The sign is cast in bronze, in golden and golden-brown color. The base of the sign is a flower with four heart-shaped petals. A heart, the organ of love, is laid on the flower. Over the heart, the symbol of a royal crown is laid. So, the heart and the royal crown symbolize Mother Mary, Queen of Love.

The interior of the Sanctuary of Queen of Love.

A procession of pilgrims praying and singing.

Pilgrims’ arrival from the wide road.

Prayer of Rosary on the eve of the Hill of Apparition in Mali Losinj.

The smallest Sanctuary of Our Lady in Mali Lošinj has a lot of heart and love.

The decree of Pope Urban VIII.

In accordance with the decree of pope Urban VIII and the 1st. Regulation of the Second Vatican Council, the Prayer Community declares that it has the intention to invoke the court of the Church in matters of a supernatural kind of events and messages which are the theme on these pages.

That court constitutes the competent authority of the Church, which also includes the Community completely. Words like ‘apparitions, miracles, messages’ and so on, have the value of human testimonies.

From the very start, when messages of Our Lady, Queen of Love, began to appear in public and up until now, we have been sending continuously the messages of Our Lady, Queen of Love, to the bishop in the island of Krk, so the bishop has been acquainted with the events of the apparitions for 19 years already. We also inform our bishop Msgr. Valter Zupan about all important events.

As members of the Prayer Community of Queen of Love we look after the Queen of Love Sanctuary and also accommodation of many pilgrims in the house of the Prayer Community. We get help from our priests, who regularly say Holy Mass for the pilgrims each 16.th day in the month in the parish church in Mali Lošinj.


After Holy Mass, the pilgrims who want to go and meet Our Lady on the Hill of Apparition walk in a procession, saying the holy Rosary together, and meet under the hill. The procession begins at 2.40 pm in summer time, or at 1.40 pm in winter time.


The Prayer for Medjugorje as requested by Our Lady, Queen of Love

Testimonies of congregations

Commemorative song singing

United Prayer before the apparition of Our Lady begins at 3.30 pm in summer time and at 2.30 pm in winter time.


The received message reading

The Gospel reading

The Golden Rosary praying for Our Lady’s intention

Healing Prayers with the laying of the hands

Conditions of apparition and vision

Apparition means making invisible reality – visible. Thus a vision means to physically notice what has appeared.

Theologically, a vision is a spiritual event when invisible realities like God, Our Lady, angels or saints, through the senses, become naturally perceptive, with the supernatural aim of human salvation.

In countries which were governed by communism, apparitions were denied and seers persecuted as persons who were sick, dubious and dangerous. It would be sufficient to remember the persecutions in Medjugorje.

In the name of science or for any other reason, no one may deny the possibilities of apparition and vision. It would be denial of the search for truth and shutting the door before truth. So the only right choice is openness to apparitions.

The Church fundamentally accepts possibilities of apparition and vision. The Holy Bible testifies that the Lord appeared through created signs throughout history. Thus, Ezekiel hears the Lord’s voice, Isaiah sees the Lord, Jeremiah sees what the Lord shows in pictures and signs. All revelation both in the Old and New Testament is based upon such phenomena. If we exclude prophecy and vision from them, nothing would be left. That way of the Lord addressing people is not present only in the revelation of the Bible. So there is no reason to deny the possibility of apparition and revelation in later ages as well, i.e. in our age too.

To claim that the Lord remained silent after the Holy Bible is against Christ’s exact statement that the Holy Spirit, given by Christ himself to the church, would teach the truth (Iv 16,13; 15,26). The revelation given by the Holy Bible and by Christ does not exclude later revelations, but it actually relates to them, so that private revelations must illuminate Christ, draw the church towards His return to the world, and introduce the church to the whole truth about Christ.

According to the position of the Second Vatican Council, stated in the Constitution upon divine revelation, apparitions and revelations related to them are considered a permanent gift to the Church.

Mystical and prophetic vision and apparitions

Depending upon the purpose, vision and apparitions may be mystical and prophetic. Mystical apparitions and visions are those which refer to eye-witness only. Therefore, prophetic apparitions and vision are those with such message contents which are to be told to everyone, to all the Lord’s people.

Public and private revelations

The Messages given by Our Lady through the eye-witness Živka, according to theological classification, belong to private revelation.

According to theological classification, private revelation is that which has been given by Christ and the last Apostle. So, all the messages which have been given outside the Holy Bible, although intended for the Church, are called private revelation.

It has become common to emphasize the difference between public and private revelation. Public revelation, truly, does not belong to the Charter of faith given to the entire Church. Still, it does not diminish the Divine character of private revelation nor does it prevent people from accepting them.

Private revelations are instructions on how Christianity should behave in a historical situation; they are not really a new statement but a new commandment.

But, we have to notice that in Her Message given on 2nd October, 1992, Our Lady, Queen of Love teaches us how to distinguish, i.e. to classify messages. Mother Mary states there that the messages that refer to everyone, to the entire world, belong to public revelation. In the same Message Mother Mary states that Her messages are intended for the entire world so they are public revelation.

Meaning of Our Lady’s apparitions

Our Lady’s apparitions have a great, global meaning, since She is in charge of the entire Church. She is a mediator of mercy as the Holy Virgin and as Mother of the Church. Through Her apparitions, Mother Mary proves that She is serving the Lord in saving the world; She intercedes for the world, and proves that She is serving Him to help mankind.

Mother Mary’s revelations are not primarily glory of Herself; they are for the glory of Christ. They are in the service of faith in Christ and in the Lord, they promote Eucharistic devotion, they lead to conversion and universal rebirth of Christian life.

Mother Mary’s revelations are an initiation for people’s hearts and will to understand the well-known religious truths more clearly and to accept them.

The purpose of Our Lady’s apparitions is to help the Church. They, above all, strengthen faith in the Lord’s presence and the Lord’s actions throughout history.

Besides, Our Lady, Queen of Love, testifies in Her Messages that Heaven sends Her to us as the last anchor of our salvation. Whenever anything great or dangerous is about to happen in the world, the Lord sends his Love to redeem us. In the same way, now, Jesus sends His Mother to redeem us and take us to greener pasture. In the Message given on 5th February, 1994, Mother Mary stated:

‘My children, if you knew how the Lord withdraws before a growing wave of crime that you commit, you would tremble, you who commit fratricide, you who desecrate the Law, you who profligate, you adulterers, you thieves, you vermin of perversion. But, you have become mad. But, truly, Christ withdraws before your constant persistence in doing evil, the way he did during His time in Jerusalem, for there has not yet come the moment. So Christ, expecting the moment, leaves you to sink to the very bottom of the sea of evil. Now, I am the only bridge you have, I, your Mother Mary. But, if you disregard me too, you will be destroyed. Because, Jesus does not allow you to offend Her, on whom the Holy Spirit has come so that the Son of God and the Savior of the world would be born.’

About the seers

Seers are those who notice apparitions through their senses.

Most seers have to tell people serious things because Heaven must let people know what the problems are.

Some people accept one seer but deny others. Still, people should know that all the Messages of all seers together give one complete Message from Heaven.

We have to keep in mind that seers make no decisions on their own, but act as they are ordered. It is not an easy life and no one would wish for such a life.

No one should envy seers because their physical, spiritual and religious actions are very difficult. They bear their own cross that is given to them. Therefore, we should all pray for them to persist in their difficult and responsible missions.

How to read the Messages

In order to understand the contents of the Messages, they should be read many times, and you should think about them. If we read the Messages only once and set them away, we won’t truly benefit from them. While we read them we should disregard their form, i.e. literary expression and form of sentences, but we must concentrate on the contents of the Messages. The Holy Bible, Messages and other holy scriptures contain an enormous spiritual wealth and a very rich treasure of mercy. But, in order to make these mercies available to us we have to make certain effort. We have to strive and have a strong wish and will if we want to derive from them that source of spiritual wealth.

We have to know that those words contain the entire living and acting power of God. And while we are reading these Messages, that power of God, which spiritually raises us and illuminates us, acts in our souls. Besides, as Our Lady states, those Messages also contain God’s healing power which acts upon a true reader and heals him both physically and spiritually.

Healing Prayers with laying of the hands

Even in earlier Messages, Mother Mary, Queen of Love, invited the chosen members of the Prayer Community of Queen of Love to start laying their hands on the sick in order to heal them. As the chosen members did not do so, Our Lady gave quite a specific invitation to those members to start laying their hands in the Message given on 16th June, 1996. After they received that Message, the chosen members began to prepare themselves, through Prayers and contemplation, to start the laying of hands, in order to heal.

On 17th January, 1998, Our Lady encouraged them again. After this, the chosen members of the Prayer Community started the laying of the hands after united Prayers. They lay their hands in a group. During the laying of hands, they say a commemorative Prayer for the person on whom they lay their hands at that moment, to heal him.

Relation to Medjugorje

Apparitions in Mali Losinj are closely related to apparitions in Medjugorje. Those apparitions, actually, form a complete unit. Mother Mary in Her Messages in Mali Losinj testifies to that explicitly. Thus, in the Message given on 14th August, 1990, Our Lady, Queen of Love, states that She is the Mother of God, Queen of Love and Queen of Peace, that She has been sent by Her Son, Jesus Christ to bring us love and peace. And not only to us only, but to the entire world. Furthermore, that Her Son Jesus sent Her to Medjugorje as the Queen of Peace and then to Mali Losinj as the Queen of Love. Later, in the Message given on 2nd September, 1991, Our Lady states that even then, when unrest began to appear in the hearts of some, and when they drew up a plan to attack, She appeared in Medjugorje as the Queen of Peace. And when She has saw that hatred prevailed and that Satan succeeded in spreading lies throughout the entire country, She could not watch that and She appeared in Mali Losinj as the Queen of Love.

Frequency of apparitions

The apparitions in Medjugorje began in 1981, and in 1990 in Mali Losinj. The fact that Mother Mary began to appear in such a short period of time and over such a small geographical distance, in Mali Losinj also, appeared strange to many. But, we mustn’t be confused by that, for those are the plans of the Lord. Instead, we should be happy and grateful to the Holy Trinity for those great mercies. And not just in Medjugorje and Mali Losinj. Mother Mary, Queen of Love, in Her Message given on 14th August, 1990, states explicitly that She will keep appearing in different parts of this country. We must also know that Our Lady does not decide about where, when and before whom She will appear. The Holy Trinity decides that, while Mother Mary, obediently serving the Lord, simply completes Her revelation in keeping with the will of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our Lady emphasizes that explicitly in many places in Her Messages.

The Golden Rosary with altered invocations

In the Message given on 29th May, 1990, Our Lady gave instruction on how we should say the Golden Rosary in future and She invited the entire world to say that Rosary. Our Lady altered invocations in the Golden Rosary present at that time. Therefore the Golden Rosary, prayed for Mother Mary’s intention, is named: the Golden Rosary with altered invocations. Our Lady states that Jesus is especially fond of this Rosary, that it is the most needed in our age and that it contains everything. Instructions on how we should say this Golden Rosary were given earlier on this page.

What is a Revelation?

In Her Messages, Our Lady keeps inviting us to read the Holy Bible and especially Revelation. Revelation (from Greek: Apokalypsis) is the last of all the books of the Holy Bible. It was written at the end of the 1st. century. It was written by St. John the Apostle. Revelation, as the last book of the Holy Bible, incorporates the Bible with a vision of the new world: New Heaven and New Earth.

Speciality of the Messages from Mali Losinj

Our Lady Queen of Love  already conveyed in Her Message given on 8th August, 1990, that she had never given to anyone before such Messages as those given to seer Zivka in Mali Losinj. And truly, in the history of Our Lady’s mission in the world there has been no testimony of Her giving so many and such extensive and precise Messages.